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Waverly Housing Authority

Waverly Housing Authority (WHA) has provided affordable housing in Humphreys County for 65 years. On August 21, 2021, Humphreys County experienced unprecedented flooding. Many WHA resident lives and homes were lost that day.

WHA is collaborating with Franklin Housing Authority to accomplish the development of 62 new construction affordable housing units. We are excited to report the progress:

Demolition of East and West Brookside Units:
WHA applied for FEMA Public Assistance shortly after the flood. HUD has approved demolition, FEMA has not. Once FEMA approves WHA is prepared to start the bidding process for demolition. 

New Construction Development:
Land acquired in 2023 will become the site for the development known as Cherry Hill. THDA awarded 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits to WHA to fund the development. WHA will apply for grants and other sources of funding as needed to supplement project financing. Design of Cherry Hill is underway.

Residential Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program:
WHA applied to HUD for approval to convert the remaining eight units of public housing to the RAD Program. HUD approved and issued a Commitment for Housing Assistance Payments (CHAP).

Tentative Timelines:
Construction start is late summer 2024 and project completion late 2025.