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Waverly Housing Authority

Waverly Housing Authority has provided affordable housing in Humphreys County for sixty-three years. Housing units developed along Richland Avenue, East Brookside and West Brookside provided homes and communities for many families.

In 2001, Waverly Housing Authority collaborated with Dickson Housing Authority for management services. The twenty-year partnership has been rewarding, as each authority has worked together to provide Humphreys County families with affordable housing.

On August 21, 2021, the Waverly Housing Authority and the citizens of Humphreys County suffered a devastating blow from unprecedented flooding. Precious lives were lost. Approximately ninety percent of Waverly Housing Authority units were rendered uninhabitable and sixty families were displaced. The Board of Commissioners made the difficult decision to demolish units along East and West Brookside. Eight Public Housing units on Richland Avenue continue to serve residents.

With challenges come opportunities. Waverly Housing Authority looks forward to rebuilding homes and communities in Humphreys County.

Nine months have passed since the floodwaters ravaged Waverly.

Waverly Housing Authority (WHA) has tried to assist displaced residents with their search to find suitable housing. Some families found temporary housing through family and friends. Others accepted Housing Vouchers and found homes within the county. Several families moved out of Humphreys County to establish homes. WHA attempts to contact all families without permanent housing on a monthly basis to inquire about their housing search and offer any new information on available, affordable housing options.

At the end of last year, buildings were boarded to protect the public and content debris was removed from units.

The WHA Board decided to demolish units on East and West Brookside Drives in Waverly. They realized the tremendous need for affordable housing and wanted to develop new housing for families in Waverly.

WHA, lacking experience in demolition and redevelopment, entered an interagency agreement with Franklin Housing Authority to provide assistance with these tasks. HUD must approve an application for demolition before units can be removed. The application takes several months to prepare. Franklin Housing Authority is currently working on the application and hopes to submit it to HUD within the next month. Once HUD approves, DHA will seek bids for demolition work. At this time, WHA does not plan to dispose of the land on East and West Brookside Drives.

WHA did not anticipate working on demolition and redevelopment simultaneously. However, an opportunity to apply for Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) opened. If approved, LIHTC would be used to develop affordable housing in Waverly. WHA plans to apply for credits next year to build 62 units of affordable housing.

It may take several years to replace units lost in the flood, but we will strive to keep moving forward and rebuild for our community.