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Maintenance: Waverly

To report items needing repair during working hours, residents should visit Forms and submit a Maintenance Work Order Request.

EMERGENCY WORK ORDERS - after normal working hours
In the event of an emergency after business hours or on weekends, residents should call 615-417-0813.

Emergency Issues:

  • Apartment Front or Rear Entry Doors: If not shutting and/or locking, this is an Emergency Issue.
  • Commode: Stopped Up/Not Flushing correctly: If you only have one commode this is considered an Emergency Issue.
  • A gas leak inside or outside the apartment
  • Carbon monoxide leak inside the apartment
  • Heat: No heat in your apartment is an Emergency Issue If the outside temperature is below 55 degrees. DO NOT Use stove/range as a heat source.
  • Issues that are life-threatening or hazardous to health or causing major damage to inside or outside of the apartment.
  • No electricity in the apartment
  • Water Line Broken: Line cannot be shut off


  • If something is not working properly-especially a leak, a soft floor, plumbing-be sure to report that immediately before a minor repair becomes a major repair.
  • We are hitting colder temperatures. Remember to leave your faucets dripping and cabinet doors under the sink open to avoid freezing pipes. If you are going to be away, do not turn your heat off-turn it to 55-58 degrees, instead.
  • Work Orders: Please do not call maintenance directly with work order inquiries. Call the office to request a work order unless it is an after-hour emergency.
  • Do not leave storm doors propped open. The wind will damage the closer and you could be charged.
  • Make sure you are getting and changing your filter monthly. You can get these in the office.

Non-emergency maintenance issues should be reported to our office during business hours - 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Maintenance Emergencies before/after business hours should be directed to maintenance directly. 

Maintenance Department (Dutch, Todd & James)

If you have an emergency and it's during office hours please call the office before calling maintenance.

Maintenance Emergency: 615.417.0813

Maintenance Emergency: 615.351.5173

Maintenance Emergency: 615.428.7924

Emergency Number Only: 931.209.0003

You will be charged a minimum of $40 for NON-emergency, after-hour calls.


  • Trash Collection $10
  • Key Replacement $10
  • Locks Changed $25
  • Lock Out Charge
    • After Hours $40
  • Disabling Smoke Detectors $50 each
  • Monthly Pet Fee $10
  • Pet Deposit $300
  • Maintenance Labor
    • Rate During Hours $23.84 Hr
    • Rate After Hours $40.00 Hr